Sabine Parish Sanitary Landfill Tipping Fees Effective April 1, 2020




Effective April 1, 2020


Municipal Solid Waste:

Sabine Parish Residents                                 No fee

Other Customers:

1,500 tons or less per month                           $46.44 per ton plus 15% environmental fee

1,501 tons to 2,500 tons per month                $38.50 per ton plus 15% environmental fee

2,501 tons to 3,500 tons per month                $30.00 per ton plus 15% environmental fee

Over 3,500 tons per month                             $20.00 per ton plus 15% environmental fee


Special Waste:

Special waste includes any waste that requires testing and handling. 24 hours prior notice of delivery is required. Special waste is accepted from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Industrial solids and sludges require a waste characterization form, a DEQ waste number and a test from an approved laboratory. Each load will require a waste manifest.


Industrial Solids:

Minimum charge                                             $30.78

Less than 200 tons per month                         $30.78 per ton

200 tons to 349 tons per month                      $26.50 per ton

Over 349 tons per month                                $25.00 per ton


Exploration and Production:

Less than 2,000 tons                                       $14.00 per ton

2,000 tons to 2,999 tons                                  $13.50 per ton

Over 2,999 tons                                              $13.00 per ton


Industrial Sludges and ALL Liquids          $.70 per gallon


Waste Drum Handling Fee                          $55.00 per drum


Totes                                                               $65.00 per tote           


Asbestos Waste:

Asbestos waste is only accepted by appointment. Asbestos must be transported in non-compactible vehicles and must have a waste manifest and a test from an approved laboratory. All friable asbestos requires a completed DEQ Asbestos Disposal Verification Form. Operator and any passengers must wear protective clothing while on site.  


Minimum charge                                             $38.00

Friable and Non-Friable                                  $38.00 per cubic yard


Special Handling Waste:

Includes items that require immediate burial, materials with high dusting potential, bulky waste, pharmaceutical drugs, outdated products, tree stumps and logs, and other items that require special handling procedures.


Special Handling Waste                                 $25.00 per ton


Large Stumps or Logs:

Stumps and logs with a diameter of thirty (30) inches or larger and logs over six feet in length shall be charged a fee for each stump or six-foot section, plus the normal waste fee per ton.


Large Stumps or Logs                                    $30.00 each



Requires direct burial.


Small Animals                                                 $45.00 each

Large Animals                                                 $140.00 each


Other Miscellaneous:

Construction and Demolition Waste              $42.00 per ton

Mobile Home Disposal                                   $375.00 per home

Dig Out Fee                                                    $275.00 per occurrence

Pull Off Fee                                                    $28.00 per occurrence



If tires are included within a load, the driver shall be responsible for loading them up and removing them from the site. NO EXCEPTIONS.