Sabine Parish Compactor Site Locations and Hours of Operation


Hours of operation for the Sabine Parish Compactor Sites are from 6:30-9:00 in the mornings and 4:00-6:30 in the afternoons on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The sites are closed on Wednesdays, and Sunday hours are 2:00-6:30 pm. The sites are reserved for Sabine Parish residents only, and locations are listed below: 

Carhee-6 Carhee Rd. Marthaville, LA 71450

Converse-311 S. Railroad St. Converse, LA 71419

Corleyville-1745 Corleyville Rd. Florien, LA 71429

Crossroads-7403 Hwy. 191 Converse, LA 71419 (Hwy. 191 by fire station)


Ebarb-36 Big Sepulvado Loop Noble, LA 71462 (Hwy. 482 at Big Sepulvado Loop)

Fisher-3403 Desha Rd. Fisher, LA 71426

Florien (Plainview Rd.)-412 Plainview Rd. Florien, LA 71429

Ft. Jessup (Rocky Springs)-508 Rocky Springs Rd. Many, LA 71449

Hwy. 120-8090 Hwy. 120 Zwolle, LA 71486

Hwy. 175 (Sweet Town)-17525 Hwy. 175 Many, LA 71449

Hwy. 191 (Ebarb water)-23355 Hwy. 191 Many, LA 71449

Kites-48891 Hwy. 191 Florien, LA 71429 (Hwy. 191 Lakeside Loop)


Middle Creek-1532 Middle Creek Rd. Many, LA 71449

Negreet-2065 Hwy. 476 Many, LA 71449

Noble-187 Red Oak Lane, Noble, LA 71462

Pleasant Hill-787 Hwy. 175 Pleasant Hill, LA 71065

Spring Ridge-1166 Spring Ridge Rd. Pleasant Hill, LA 71065

Toledo Town-11041 Texas Hwy. Many, LA 71449


In addition, the Sabine Parish Landfill is open to residents free of charge during business hours, which are 7:00 am-4:00 pm Monday through Friday. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday. If assistance is required to off-load, a fee may be incurred. The phone number for the landfill is (318)256-2295.