Job Opening



The Sabine Parish Police Jury is accepting applications for the position of Parish Road Superintendent. This is a full-time position. The Parish Road Superintendent shall report directly to the Police Jury keeping the entire Jury informed on the work performed by the Public Works Department. The job duties of the Parish Road Superintendent are listed below, and include, but are not limited to:


(1)         The Parish Road Superintendent will moderate driving throughout the Parish.

(2)         Is responsible for hiring qualified public work personnel (including solid waste compactor station workers), administering evaluation, corrective criticism, reprimands, suspension, or discharge of public work employees as the situation warrants under the supervision of the Police Jury.

(3)         Provides supervision of all public work employees through the road maintenance foremen, or as otherwise delegated.

(4)         Directs the crews and equipment of the Sabine Parish Police Jury to obtain maximum efficiency.

(5)         Plans and supervises normal maintenance of parish roads and parish bridges

(6)         Exhibits a working knowledge of road materials available to this area.

(7)         Has ability to accurately estimate road construction costs.

(8)         Reviews and approves all work orders for the road department.

(9)         Files completed work requests and work orders to provide proof of expenditures.

(10)     Assists the police jurors in preparing and administering the parishwide three-year capital improvement program,as required by the Parish Transportation Act, which shall list projects to be constructed during the upcoming fiscal year and the following two years.

(11)     Prepares and administers the selective maintenance program for the Parish.

(12)     Schedules selective maintenance work by category on a weekly basis, reviewing all completed work for consideration in scheduling work for the following week.

(13)     Authorizes work not considered in the weekly selective maintenance schedule upon receipt of constructive notice of a defect in the Parish Road System and when, in the opinion of the Parish Road Superintendent, the defect constitutes a hazard to Public Safety.  The Parish Road Superintendent shall maintain a record of the work so authorized and shall report the total of such emergency expenditures to the Police Jury on a monthly basis in writing.  This does not have to be at a scheduled meeting of the Police Jury, but can be by memo with a copy going to all Jurors and a file copy maintained in the Road Office for review as necessary to assure compliance with the selective maintenance program.

(14) Supervises all road public work projects as to bid and contract requirements as authorized by the Police Jury.

(15)  Supervises record keeping, maintenance reports, and road maintenance reports.

(16)   Oversee material inventories.

(17)   Supervises the maintenance barn and make recommendations as to equipment repairs.

(18)   Performs overall supervision of equipment maintenance on vehicles and construction equipment to ensure safe and proper operation.

(19)   Plans, coordinates and assigns all work to mechanics and reviews work for proper and timely completion.

(20)   Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the parish solid waste compactor stations.

(21)   Reports to the Road Committee on a monthly basis providing a summary report of projects completed (prepared from completed work orders) during the month for presentation to all members of the Police Jury.

(22)   Conducts orientation periods and safety meetings with road maintenance foremen and employees.

(23)   Assists the Planning Commission in inspecting new subdivision facilities for compliance with parish ordinances.

(24)   Performs other duties as specified by the Police Jury as a whole. 

(25)   Is required to drive a Parish vehicle home and be on 24-hour call.


Salary range will be discussed during the interview process.  Interested applicants should complete an application and provide a current resume, by October 10, 2018, 3:30 p.m., Attention:  Personnel Committee, Sabine Parish Police Jury, 400 S. Capitol Street, Room 101, Many, LA 71449, Phone 318-256-5637. Applications may be obtained at this office.